domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Kindle DX advantages

Kindle is better. And Kindle DX has a Bigger Display Screen. The most noticeable makeover is the new display Screen which is 1 and a half times bigger than K2. It's precisely 9.7 inches diagonally as opposed to 6 inches screen on the earlier version. There is a superb auto rotate feature which allows you to turn it in any direction and read your page in portrait or landscape position. Very handy for reading rich formatted texts, flat graphics, diagrams, charts, newspapers, google maps and weather reports. The e-link paper like technology makes it the most comfortable e-reader to read from without leaving a strain in the eye unlike computers.

Built-in PDF Support

The Gadget comes with a big breather, the built in PDF support. Last version could load pdfs but it happened in a round about way and was highly cumbersome. You had to go through the emailing process, to send your files to amazon for conversion and download it back for a minimal fee. Save the hassle with the new device because you can just download your pdf files online or from your comp via USB port now. The PDFs can display a wide variety of graphics and pages beautifully, using the faster processor with least loading time.

Overall Dimensions

The New Amazon Kindle is 10.4" in length, 7.2" in breadth and 0.38" in thickness while the Kindle 2 was much smaller measuring at 8" in length, 5.3" in breadth and 0.36" in thickness. There you see, you can't feel restricted anymore to go online or read your favorite best sellers.


There isn't an iota of doubt that they are both handy and extremely lightweight like a magazine, but DX is 18.9 ounces as compared to the Kindle 2's 10.2 ounces. Even then, the DX gives a more solid tactile feel like a real book now. It all depends on your usage and needs, which should allow you to decide if you want to compromise on the bigger screen or the weight.

File Storage Capacity

What good is a kindle without the file storage capacity. Although the increase in the disk space isn't a significant one, but it is still double than last time. DX holds a 4GB memory as against 2GB storage of Kindle 2. You can carry 3,500 books, reference manuals and documents which is 200% more from K2 which could carry 1,500 books only. The new storage capacity is a tempting one, you must agree.


The price difference is not at all negligible. So it still remains one of the major deciding factor. The Kindle DX costs $ 489 as against the cheaper 2nd Gen version, still priced at $359. Although the DX seems more useful for reading and browsing purposes because its bigger and more ergonomic, but if you just want to enjoy the portability and don't mind the 6 inch screen, you may stick to K2. Students who can now empty their backpack for good, and professionals from various field will find it all worth the cost.

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