lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

$139 Kindle and the $114 Kindle

There is absolutely no difference between the $139 Kindle and the $114 Kindle as far as functionality and features go. Here’s what both of the devices have to offer customers:

  • WiFi enabled internet connection: Connect to your home wireless network on the Amazon Kindle, in either the $114 or $139 device versions. Use the keypad below the screen to punch in the key code to your wireless network. It will remember the key code for next time, so there’s no need to have it memorized.
  • Screen with no glare: Actually all of the Kindle devices have a paper display. A paper display, instead of the display that you get with a phone, keeps you from getting any glare whatsoever when you’re in light or sunshine. On the downside, you’ll need a light on to read it at night, as it doesn’t have that luminescent glow that your phone has. Amazon also sells Kindle lighted covers for this very purpose.
  • Physical keyboard: If you’re not too keen on those skinny little touch buttons on the screen of your phone, you’ll be happy to know that the $114 Kindle comes with a physical button keyboard that is detached from the screen. Although it’s still not idea for quick typing, it’s a lot better for people who often make typos on a slick screen.
  • Lightweight feel: I cannot describe how light the $114 Kindle feels when you pick it up. It’s actually lighter than a book, and definitely quite a bit thinner. There’s no comparison between the Kindle and the iPad. The Kindle is definitely much lighter and easier to pack for a road trip.

The Main Difference Between the $114 Kindle and the $139 Kindle

There’s one big difference between the two types of Kindles that are otherwise identical. It’s the fact that the $114 Kindle is technically the “Kindle with Offers” that Amazon lists as one of their bestsellers.

So here’s the dealio with the $114 Kindle with Offers. Whenever you turn the device “off,” your screen doesn’t actually turn off. The Kindle will draw up a batch of offers to rotate across the screen whenever it’s in sleep position.

Thankfully, you won’t see this in the dark if you want to put it to sleep before bed. You can’t see the screen in the dark, so you won’t see the offers. They show up in the same paper format that your ebooks show up in, so it’s a matte paper screen, essentially.

I’ve noticed that some of the offers give you really good deals, too! You’ll get exclusive deals only offered to Kindle with Offers owners, like a huge percentage off of electronics at Best Buy, or gift cards from

So actually, while getting a $114 Kindle with Offers might sound like you’re getting a totally commercial product that’s going to annoy the heck out of you, you’re not. You’ll actually save money in more ways than one when you get a $114 Kindle.

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