domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Kindle 3 changes from kindle 2

Kindle 3 Vs. Kindle 2 comparison

The new Kindle 3 will have a few different features that differ from the earlier generation. Continue reading to know the changes and differences between kindle 3 and Kindle 2.

Change #1) Updated E-Ink Reading Screen- Amazon is reporting a new "High Contrast" model of the E-Ink screen, still allowing for reading in bright lighting conditions, but according to Amazon, improved.

Change #2) Storage Space Increase- The earlier Kindle 2 model had 2G of storage, allowing for 1,500 books to be stored on the device. The Kindle 3 will effectively double the space to 3,500 books allowed.

Change #3) Different (More Compact) Design- Amazon is going for the "sleeker" look. The new model takes away 21% of the Kindle 2 design size, keeping the 6 inch reading screen the same size. This also makes for a lighter ebook reader for the Kindle 3. According to Amazon, it's now 15% lighter.

Change #4) New Reading Fonts- Amazon is adding some more fonts that they call "crisper" and more dark for easier reading.

Change #5) Improved Page Turn Time- According to Amazon, the page turn time is 20% faster now with the 3rd generation.

Change #6) QUIETER Page Turn Buttons- My husband would like to hear this point, as my clicking the page turn button has kept him from falling asleep in the past. Apparently others have been complaining about this too and Amazon has taken notice.

Change #7) Increased Battery Life- Amazon is reporting an improved battery that allows up to 1 month of reading with the wireless off. With wireless left on, the reading time is 10 days. That is an increase in about 2 weeks with wireless off, and a few days with wireless on.

Other Notable Changes) Now you can choose between 2 different colors when purchasing the Kindle (black/graphite or white). You can share passages with people on Facebook or Twitter from your device. Use Whispersync to sync your Kindle with any of your other devices (phones, laptops, etc...)

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